Christmas Bunting

Christmas Bunting

It's time for another Christmas craft activity, and this year, we're upcycling leftover O2wear kraft packaging to create some Christmas bunting! We like to keep things simple, so this requires no sewing—just gather some cardboard (we've repurposed O2 kraft packaging), scissors, glue or sticky tape, twine, and your favourite Christmas wrapping paper.

For a step-by-step guide, check out our tutorial on our instagram feed, specifically under reels. Here's the link to the video here.

To make the bunting flags, cut out triangles from the cardboard. Each piece of packaging makes two triangles. Wrap each triangle with your chosen Christmas paper. I’ve gone for an alternating pattern but really it’s up to you. If you’ve got enough space to hang your garland, you could even try writing a letter on each flag and spell out a message like Merry XMAS!

And since it’s school holidays, why not get the kids involved! My children loved decorating their own flags and we hung it up around the fireplace in their bedroom.

Once your flags are ready, punch a hole in each corner and string them together using twine to create your Christmas garland!

If you're curious about last year's Christmas craft—origami paper stars—you can read about it on our blog or watch the reel on Instagram here.

Happy crafting and Merry Christmas! 🎄✨

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