Sustainability, everyone is talking about it. To me and for O2wear this means making conscious decisions not just about our fabrics but the whole lifecycle of our products and approach to business.

When it comes to fabric we aim to minimise. Choosing fabrics like bamboo and RPET (post consumer recycled plastics) we aim to reduce the ecological footprint our materials have on the planet. But it’s by no means the perfect fabric, I’m not sure that exists. And that’s why I feel it has to be about so much more than just the material, but the how and why of the business too.

Things like packaging. We’ve eliminated single-use plastics in our supply chain with the exception of our courier satchels (but we’re working on it!) and to-date we still don’t put swing tags on our products cos it just doesn’t seem necessary. I also work closely with my manufacturer to ensure we minimise fabric waste in the design and cutting stage of production.

But perhaps the area I think most about is the products we choose to bring to life. For that reason, it’s been a very conscious decision to stick to base layers and essentials. Choosing to design and produce products that last, manufactured with quality components and stitching, items that are wearable year after year and free from seasonal trends and fads, basically the opposite of ‘fast fashion’.

We believe that buying less, choosing well and making it last is the most environmental choice you can make.


Season-proof your wardrobe with base layers made from bamboo & organic cotton

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