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Closing the Loop: Recycling textile waste

Australia, like many nations, has a big problem with waste. In particular textile waste going to landfill. On average, Australians are discarding 23kg of textile waste annually, with only 7% of that being recycled. As a clothing brand, we're really conscious of our part in this and want to play a role in reducing this negative impact.

In the past I’ve talked about the challenges of recycling used clothing. Specifically, the items that can’t be repaired or donated. Clothes that have developed holes or lost their elasticity, and if you have children then you’ll be familiar with the piles of outgrown and worn-out shoes, bathers that have stretched beyond recognition, leggings with holes in the knees and stains that just don’t wash out. It’s these items that so often end up in landfill because there aren’t a lot of options.

That’s why we are really excited to announce our newest partnership with Upparel!

We’ve always tried to do our bit, by designing for longevity in both styling and quality. We choose to work with sustainable materials with our fabric and packaging, we’ve removed single use plastic in our supply chain, but when it comes to the end of life for your bamboo clothing we haven’t always had a great solution. That’s where Upparel comes in, allowing us to close the loop.

UPPAREL is an Australian company dedicated to reducing textile waste through recycling. They have pioneered a unique recycling technology that allows businesses and consumers to divert waste that was once destined for landfill in to new and innovative products.

They happily accept your used and damaged clothing, bed linen, shoes, socks, hats, bathers and more. They begin by sorting and separating out any re-usable items which are donated to their charity partners, while the remainder is repurposed and recycled in their purpose-built facilities here in Australia ensuring nothing is sent to landfill or offshore.

Three Simple Steps to Make a Difference

Recycling your old textiles is now super easy, and it's not just about freeing up space in your wardrobe. For every kilogram of textiles you divert from landfill, you're preventing 3-4 kilograms of harmful greenhouse gases from polluting the environment. It’s easy, you’ll be rewarded and you certainly don’t need to only recycle O2wear clothing. We encourage you to fill that box right up and send off anything that would otherwise end up in landfill!

Recycle 10kg worth of textile waste for just $10 from the comfort of your home. So how does it work:

Step 1: Book a collection

For $35 you can book a courier pickup from your house. Find an old box at home that can hold up to 10kg of textiles to use. As a thank you from us for doing your part, you’ll receive a $25 voucher to use on your next O2 purchase over $100.

Step 2: Pack your box

Fill that box with all the textiles you want to give a new life to. While they're happy to accept most textiles, a quick wash for your clothes and a wipe-down of your shoes is appreciated before sending them off.

Step 3: Print your label and receive your reward!

Once your collection is booked and the labels are attached, leave the box outside for pick-up. UPPAREL will handle the rest, ensuring your unwanted textiles get a fresh start.

This partnership isn't just about doing good; it's about being rewarded for your commitment to a more sustainable future. If you book a collection through our link below, you will receive a $25 off voucher to use on your next O2wear purchase over $100. To be eligible for the voucher, you must use the link and your coupon code will be emailed to you.

Book your collection with voucher here: Upparel X O2wear

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