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I began my research in to manufacturing my bamboo range back in 2010, when I was living and studying in Shanghai, China. After visiting a number of factories, I settled on a small manufacturer just outside of Shanghai which specialises in environmentally friendly fabrics and small batch manufacturing. Ten years later I’m still using this same supplier for our clothing range while establishing new long-term relationships with factories for our custom packaging and travel range.

Our products are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This certification means that the fabric and materials that go into our products contain no harmful dyes, chemicals and metals so you can wear and use our clothes and products with confidence.
Strict labour laws in China prevent the use of underage labour, require employees to be paid for all hours worked and protect their rights to holidays.

Why not manufacture in Australia?
This is a dream of mine but currently just isn't viable. Australia isn’t growing and producing bamboo fabric or RPET so to manufacture in Australia it would still require importing fabric. I also do a lot of ‘small batch’ manufacturing using small colour runs which allows me to test products and colours with very minimal waste. However the real sticking point for me was the cost of manufacturing locally and what that would mean for our customers. Manufacturing in Australia is significantly more expensive and this would mean a much higher price point product, which just didn't sit well with me.

I'm proud of the relationship we've established with our overseas factories and the quality of workmanship they offer. We ship everything direct to you from our warehouse in Adelaide, Australia


Season-proof your wardrobe with base layers made from bamboo & organic cotton

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